Verify your business or ICO

You’ll receive your own private key, allowing you to add cryptocurrency addresses to your secure profile. This will allow your customers to search an address, to check that you are the genuine owner.

* Business Name:

For our reference, not for customers to see.

* Display Name

For customers to see.

  * Email Address

Must be from official domain.

  Official Twitter handle:

  Official Facebook URL:

  BitcoinTalk Thread:

If you are verifying as an ICO, this is required.

* Official Website URL:

* Website Badge URL:

The URL showing where you have uploaded our Clearify badge. The badge will let customers know they can search your addresses with Clearify. You can show it anywhere you like on your website, at any size. Please link it to
Download the badge from here.

Discount Code:


  Your Private Key


DO NOT lose this private key - you will need it to access your Clearify profile.
If it is ever lost, we cannot retrieve it and you will need to re-verify.