What are POLL tokens and how do they work with Clearify?

POLL tokens are the cryptocurrency for two projects – ClearPoll and Clearify. Both projects are brought to you by the same company, and same team, and we have decided to use the same tokens for both projects, doubling the demand for POLL.

When a seller or an ICO wished to become verified on the Clearify system, there is a verification fee of 150 POLL (this is subject to change, according to the value of POLL at the time). We are running a free promotion on launch, in order to gain some traction.

This system ensures our customers must visit an exchange and purchase POLL tokens before being verified – resulting in a healthy volume.

News Coming Soon regarding POLL revenue usage!

We’ve listened to our token holders, and we will be announcing some exciting news regarding the usage of the POLL revenue Clearify generates. Stay tuned on our social media for the news.

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