What is Clearify and how does it work?

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Clearify – a simply brilliant solution to the big problem of ICO address scams.

  • Clearify allows ICOs to verify and then add official contribution addresses to their secure profile. This lets contributors be 100% certain they are contributing to the correct address – not to a scammer.
  • As well as verifying ICOs, we are also developing a REST API to integrate Clearify into existing cryptocurrency payment systems, for fully automated address verification.

  • Clearify is the best way to quickly search a crypto address, even if the address is brand new and has never been used before. The ICO team simply logs in to Clearify Console, pastes the payment address in, and seconds later it is searchable by the customer for verification of ownership.

  • We have already formed a partnership with ICO Alert – the leading source of ICOs. A full Clearify integration of the icoalert.com website is live right now!

Featured ICOs

The following ICOs are sponsored listings, and not necessarily recommended by the Clearify team.

U Run It
Real Estate Crypto Fund
Advisory Network
LightBit Atom
Helios Coin
Robotina ICO

Powered by the ClearPoll Team and POLL Tokens

Clearify is a project developed by the team responsible for ClearPoll – the decentralised public opinion poll app, due for launch in August.
Same team, 2 projects, both using the same POLL tokens.

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